- examples of custom cases and cabinets I've built for Buchla users over the years -

- although none of these designs are in active production, I may produce one-off or custom cases on request -

JRB 203-10 Portable Case

Original Image Opened
Modified Image Closed

Designed for the most discerning Electric Music Box performers, the 203-10 features numerous improvements over designs of the past.
Custom designed supply and bus system are compact and flexible and provide ample current for the thirstiest modules - new or old.
Chassis allows connection of external AC-DC supply via banana binding post and remote module(s) via 8-pin Cinch connector.
Boats easily accomodate the deepest of modules and are fabricated with .063" aluminum.
And of course, what would it be without the upholstery?

- No Longer Available -

8 Space Portable Case

For those that just had to have it old school.

- No Longer Available -

Folding Studio Cabinet

Original Image Empty
Modified Image Full

I've built several of these over the years with a variety of functional and aesthetic options.

- No Longer Available -

24 Space Portable Case

Fashioned after The Man's own travelling case at the request of a customer.

- No Longer Available -